Saturday, January 12, 2013

A FaBuLoUs 50-degree Saturday!

Mid-50's in January....unheard of in Michigan!  I was so glad that this beautiful weather landed on a weekend so that we could make the most of it with Trey and Rowan!

We spent a couple of hours outside together today.  It wasn't anywhere close to our ideal sunny Summer days, but it was a wonderful treat in the middle of Winter.    

Our neighbors Madison and Logan came over to play too!

The boys found a bug.  They thought it was injured and wanted to rescue it!

Logan went home to grab this bug home for their new friend.  Ha!  A mansion for the teeny-tiny bug!

Now that we've had a great Spring-like day, I have to be honest and say that I'm ready for some snow to fall (and stick around for a while!).  I'm ready for snowman-building, sledding, and snowball fights!  And maybe a snow day or two???!? ;)

And just for fun... Rowan came home with this drawing from school this week.  
A girl with pigtails holding a hairbrush!  Made me smile!

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